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Featured Member Spotlights, posted March 23, 2023


Dustin Quattrocchi

Full Name: Dustin Quattrocchi

Company: Panattoni Development Company

Title: Development Manager

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 12

CRE Work Experience: I started my career on the construction side of the industry estimating, designing, and executing on industrial, manufacturing, and senior care spaces. I've been able to lean heavily on that expertise at Panattoni in successfully entitling, delivering 4 million SF development, and over 2 million SF of active development.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? I always enjoyed the practicality with new construction, opportunities for problem solving, and an appreciation for the many skill sets it takes to complete complex projects. I also related well to the competitive and collaborative nature of winning business in the industry from my background in competitive sports.

Education/Professional Certifications: 

  • University of Denver: MS Real Estate and Built Environment - (2021)
  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - Construction Management - (2012)

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: Habitat for Humanity has always been a passion of mine sharing the skills I've developed through my career. I actively participate in my local community in Littleton. I'm interested in becoming more of an active member in the DL group this year and attending the NAIOP National Forum in Boston.

Personal Interests: I moved here for all of the Colorado activities (skinning, skiing, downhill mountain biking, snowmobiling, hunting, camping, hiking), golf and crossfit.  I spend my free time now with my wife and two boys who are both under 2.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: On a professional level, I'm proud to have developed 6 million SF of industrial space in my 3 year tenure with Panattoni in 3 different markets across the nation. Personally, it would be the amazing family life my wife and I have built with our boys at home.

Aspirations & Goals: The ongoing pursuit of personal, professional excellence and financial freedom. 


Eileen O'Malley

Full Name: Eileen O'Malley

Company: Situs Real Estate Corp

Title: Director of Operations

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 9

CRE Work Experience: 

  • Branding / marketing strategy for MPC
  • Marketing and business development for architectural firm in NYC
  • Executive management / business development
  • Managing operations scale for growing syndicator

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? The opportunity to shape the physical world and have a positive impact on the community while doing it.

Education/Professional Certifications: 

  • Jacksonville University

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: 

  • InvestHer
  • ULI

Personal Interests: Policy, skiing, music, and travel.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: 

Managing the development and implementation of a scalable operations model that allows our company to take on more opportunities and increase overall profitability.

Aspirations & Goals: To be involved in shaping public policy around development.

Nick Behm

Full Name: Nick Behm

Company: Behm Consulting Group

Title: Founder & CEO

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 8

CRE Work Experience:

7 Years of as a general contractor and coming up on one year as an owners rep company business owner

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? Really enjoy the blend of creativity, problem solving, negotiation, and teamwork that is involved on CRE projects. Keeps everyday interesting and every project exciting.

Education/Professional Certifications: 

  • Dual major in Structural and Construction Management Engineering within the Civil Engineering school at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. 

Personal Interests: Travel, snowboarding, hiking, cooking, music, tennis, paddle boarding, and more! 

Proudest professional achievement thus far: Starting my own business!

Aspirations & Goals: My goals are to grow Behm Consulting Group and find ways to give back to the Denver community while doing so. 


Tom Kaufman

Full Name: Tom Kaufman

Company:  Antonoff & CO Brokerage

Title: Executive Director of Land and Investment Sales

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 19

CRE Work Experience:

Strong advocate for land owners, specializing in land sales throughout the state of Colorado. Known  specialist in along the Northern front range.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry?  My unique ability to understand the needs of both buyers and sellers and to put their needs ahead of  all others. Being able to help others navigate the acquisition and disposition of a very slow liquidity  asset. 

Education/Professional Certifications: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Business 
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Personal Interests: Traveling both on a long weekend getaway or an overseas adventure, Learning new Cultures,   Exploring new culinary outlets, Hiking, Love of the water would it be a river, stream, lake or ocean.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: Having built a large and caring village of people made up of family, friends and business associates

Aspirations & Goals: To help others who have a plan on getting to where they want to be in life. Creating financial awareness for brokers and the youth in our communities. 


Rob Hamm

Full Name: Rob Hamm

Company:  Flywheel Capital 

Title: Director of Capital Development and Acquisitions

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 5

CRE Work Experience:

I am a Director of Capital Development and Acquisition at Flywheel Capital with previous roles in commercial development and acquisitions at Koelbel and Company and in investment sales at Capacity Commercial Group in Portland, OR. 

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry?  All my life I’ve been motivated by building processes that help people and communities thrive. Flourishing communities have played an integral part in my story, shaping who I am as a 5th generation Boulderite. Though I grew up in a low-income home, I could hop on my bike, zip down to Pearl Street, and be surrounded by natural beauty, a diverse cross-section of people, and the plethora of dining and entertainment options in downtown. The confluence of business and well-placed real estate in downtown Boulder provided me with the rails to dream beyond my impoverished reality. Then I headed off to college and my interest in real estate took flight when I needed to make extra money for rent. I worked for a residential construction company, which gave me a foundation for the building process, architectural design and development philosophy of the built environment. Experiencing this in college, along with focusing on real estate in my finance studies, led me to the realization that commercial real estate was the only career path for me.

Education/Professional Certifications: 

  • Fort Lewis College: BA, Business Administration - Finance (2007)
  • University of Colorado: MS, Real Estate - Development & Finance (2021)

Personal Interests: I love to ski, hunt, fly fish, bike, and hike with friends and family. 

Proudest professional achievement thus far: My biggest achievement so far is being husband to my biggest cheerleader and father to our three amazing kids. 

Aspirations & Goals: One of my career goals is to work with a team and grow a company that seeks the thriving of the community and markets we specialize in. Another goal I have is to play a role in increasing diversity within the real estate industry by helping to establish a pipeline of mentors and opportunities for new talented candidates in the industry. 



Featured Member Spotlights, posted November 17, 2022

Lisa Metzger

Full Name: Lisa Metzger

Company: Galloway

Title: Architectural Project Manager, Associate 

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 12

CRE Work Experience: I have worked as an architect now at 3 firms during my CRE tenure practicing in the healthcare, office, industrial and multifamily spaces primarily thus far.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? Architecture is not always seen as a part of the CRE Industry; however for a truly successful project, I think it helps for the architect to have knowledge and relationships of the whole picture.  That was my motivation to get involved with NAIOP and CRE Industry as a whole.  It was to be able to grasp the entirety of my projects, all the components.  What goes into every single project to get it to the finish line and what relationships can we bring to the table to better the projects from any angle.

Education/Professional Certifications: Received a Bachelor's of Science in Architecture from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana and a Masters in Architecture from University of Colorado Denver.

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: Beyond volunteering time in numerous NAIOP committees (DL, DEI, and previously membership), I also volunteer with Food for Thought and Boys and Girls Club regularly.

Personal Interests: For now, my personal interests involve my children and family.  We love to take our camper out almost every weekend over the summer to many destinations around Colorado and some National Parks beyond.   Its my personal goal to make it to all of the National Parks someday.  We like to hike, fish and explore.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: Definitely getting my architecture license.  Which I completed in 2016.

Aspirations & Goals: I would like to continue down the path of architecture and one day either be an owner/principal of a company or start my own firm. Continuing to focus on building relationships within CRE.


Chad Becker

Full Name: Chad Becker

Company: Arco Real Estate Solutions

Title: Principal

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 21

CRE Work Experience: I spent the first 15 years of career in commercial real estate working for the General Services Administration (GSA) in its Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC, and Lakewood, CO offices. Included in that time period was a 4 year assignment where I served as an overseas leasing broker for the U.S. Government based out of Naples, Italy. I ended my career with the Government while working in Lakewood for the GSA after realizing a major need for qualified lessor representation in the Federal leasing niche. In 2017, I began the work of founding a niche brokerage that specialized in Lessor representation in lease transactions with the Federal Government. Since March of 2017, Arco Real Estate Solutions has served numerous clients all over the country, including Colorado, in their efforts to either renew their lease with the GSA or obtain a new Federal tenant in their building. I am also part of a small cohort of trainers around the country that teach new and experienced Federal leasing employees how to navigate and manage the Federal Lease Procurement process. Training the next generation of Federal leasing employees is a role that I take very seriously and find incredibly rewarding.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? Originally, CRE was not on my radar.  I was a Finance major with aspirations of working in Investment Banking.  Thankfully, I was required to take two real estate electives where I was introduced to CRE.  After a brief stent with Morgan Stanley, I knew where I truly wanted to be.  Shortly after leaving Morgan Stanley, I began my career in CRE and have not looked back since.

Education: I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Georgia State University and an MBA from Colorado State University.  I have also completed the core curriculum for the CCIM designation and intend on sitting for the final exam in 2023.

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: The majority of my volunteer time is spent serving on the Board of Directors for the National Federal Development Association (NFDA).  NFDA is a niche trade organization that focuses on GSA and Veterans Affairs (VA) leasing and development.  In addition to serving on their board, I also volunteer to chair two committees within the organization.

Personal Interests: While founding and growing a niche brokerage has reduced the amount of time I have to dedicate to personal interests, I still make it a priority to spend as much time as possible with my family of 4.  I have a wonderful wife and two fantastic kids (at least most of the time), ages 9 and 7.  As a family, we truly enjoy traveling as our primary passion.  When in Colorado, we enjoy skiing (though our son is definitely the best skier in the house), and spending time exploring the West.  Having grown up in the Southeast, there is still so many places on our list to visit out here.

Proudest achievement thus far: Proudest achievement thus far would have to be the process of shaking off the warm, safe, blanket of Federal employment to pursue my dream of not only owning my own business, but also a business that served a community of building owners that generally lacked specialized representation.  While this is my proudest professional achievement, none of it would have been possible without the support and trust of my family.  It was certainly a risky venture, but one that turned out to be the best decision I have ever made!

Aspirations/Goals: I honestly have too many aspirations and goals to list, a problem with most entrepreneurs I would imagine.  But my primary goal is to make Arco Real Estate Solutions a "household name" within the niche we serve.  We have already made a great deal of progress in our short 5 years as a brokerage, but we are never content.  There is always room for growth, and my team and I are dedicated to reaching and assisting as many owners as possible that are out there working with Federal tenants.  And in pursuit of this goal, I want to create a brokerage where other talented and highly motived individuals can participate in our platform and use it to change their lives in ways they may have not previously thought possible.


Steve Scrivener

Full Name: Steve Scrivener

Company: PlattPointe Capital

Title: Director

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • University of New England - Bachelors in Economics

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 7

CRE Work Experience: I was a Multifamily broker for ~4 years with Cushman & Wakefield with a brief stint as an Industrial Consultant in Prague with C&W before joining my now partners at the start of covid.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? I had just moved out from Manchester, NH and was working in DTC for a financial services firm at a call center, and looked outside and saw all the cranes and decided I needed to get into commercial real estate.

Education: University of New England - Bachelors in Economics 

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: I'm actively involved with NAIOP Developing Leaders and a number of other committees.

Personal Interests: Concerts, hiking, running, playing hockey, traveling around Europe, and cooking.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: Financing the construction loan for the development of a 60-unit multifamily project in the heart of East Austin in 2021 and finding the developer a better solution than anything else he had explored.

Aspirations & Goals: To continue to build a successful capital markets business across the country. I'm also putting together a business plan for a future development here in Denver, but those details will have to remain a secret for now.



Featured Member Spotlights, posted September 22, 2022

Becca Dickenson

Full Name: Becca Dickenson

Company: Trammell Crow Company

Title: Development Manager

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • B.S in Construction Engineering and Management, Marquette University class of 2014

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 8 total - 7 in construction and 1 in development

CRE Work Experience: Managing construction development of 3.8MSF multi-story industrial robotics warehouse for Amazon in Loveland - the largest building in Colorado!

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? I grew up in Chicago where the city is dripping with incredible architecture and I knew I wanted to be apart of the built environment; my knack for problem solving naturally led me into an education in engineering. One of my elective classes was Real Estate Development that initially sparked my interest in CRE. I started my career on the general contracting side where I was involved with some incredible Colorado developments - CU Boulder's Champion Center and the Gaylord Rockies. I moved onto the owner's side at Denver Health, mostly managing renovation projects prior to joining the TCC Denver team in November 2021.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: A great achievement this year was closing on the Amazon project and overcoming some project specific challenges based on my relationships and connections. I am also proud of the impacts I've made in the community through CityBuild programming and am excited to see what I can offer to the NAIOP Programs Committee!

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: Downtown Denver Partnership, CityBuild (Chair 2020-2022, Steering Committee 2016-present) NAIOP (DL Member 2021-present, Programs Committee 2022-present) STEMBlazers (Volunteer)

Aspirations & Goals: I hope to expand my experience and venture in the multi-family and office product types in the coming years.

Personal Interests: I love all the Colorado recreation! Hiking, biking, running, snowboarding, fishing, rafting. Also love yoga (certified teacher!), going to live music, traveling and experiencing new cultures, and scuba diving.


Jazzmine "Jazz" Clifton

Full Name: Jazzmine "Jazz" Clifton

Company: Evergreen Devco 

Title: Development Manager

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • I graduated from Denver East High school and attended MSU Denver and CU Denver. 

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 8

CRE Work Experience: I started my CRE career right out of high school and worked for a commercial real estate firm where I was introduced to all things commercial real estate. From there I moved on to a self-storage development company as their development manager overseeing site selection, financing,  acquisition, entitlement, design, construction and business operations. I have recently joined Evergreen as the Industrial Development Manager, responsible for the entitlement, design and development of our growing pipeline in the Greater Phoenix and Denver markets.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? When I first entered the CRE industry, quite frankly, I wasn't too sure of all that it encompassed. Early on I was able to venture through so many different aspects of the industry and felt a strong gravitation towards the construction and development side. I grew up in Downtown Denver and have not only seen but felt how my city has transformed. To have a voice in those changes and be able to create positive impacts for my community is all the motivation I need to keep going and stay involved with CRE.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: My proudest achievement thus far is revamping and providing economic growth and value in the very neighborhoods I once strolled. It is such a good feeling to build public infrastructure and buildings that the community and small businesses benefit from. 

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: Having a mom who is a social worker, it has been instilled in me from the very beginning that not everyone has the simple luxuries that we do. All things mental health, family homelessness and youth mentorship have impacted my life in some way, shape or form. I have made it a priority to dedicate my outreach to provide support to those very topics.

Aspirations & Goals: My professional goals right now consists of helping grow and establish Evergreen's Industrial platform, get involved with the political side of real estate through policy and planning, build my network and take on every opportunity to learn more about the industry. Personally, I want continue to be the best mom and role model to my kids. 

Personal Interests: I am an avid foodie, I enjoy cooking, dining and traveling. Colorado has so much to offer and with two active little ones, I am constantly looking for small towns and restaurants to visit and explore with them! 


Richard Self

Full Name: Richard Self

Company: Pless Law Firm

Title: Attorney

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • University of Denver: MS Real Estate Development (2018)
  • University of San Francisco: Juris Doctor (2014)
  • University of San Diego: BBA Finance (2009)

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 3.5

CRE Work Experience: I am an attorney with a practice focused on real estate, land use, and business-related transactional matters. My real property practice focuses on the acquisition, financing, entitlement, zoning, development, leasing, and disposition of commercial properties. In my business practice, I work with individuals and businesses of varying sizes on a wide range of transactional matters, including entity selection and formation, corporate governance, and mergers and acquisitions.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? I have long been fascinated by property development and the real estate life cycle—observing the transformation of vacant, obsolete or underutilized properties into functional sites. Real estate placemaking has a profound transformative ability to shape our culture, facilitate daily interactions, catalyze experiences, and influence our perceptions. Beyond my interests in the physical aspects of real estate and the built environment, I have also found the industry to be filled with interesting, friendly, and dynamic people. 

Proudest achievement thus far: Keeping my sanity despite being a dad of three children under three years old. 

Aspirations & Goals: My goal is to become a more capable commercial real estate legal practitioner. In continuing to make meaningful contacts in the greater real estate industry and ever-enhancing my knowledge regarding real estate and the development life cycle, I strive to become a more well-rounded, connected, and invaluable resource to my clients.

Personal Interests: Spending time with my family.  Slowly becoming a "true" Colorado resident by improving my golf game and skiing abilities. 


Laurinda Frederick

Full Name: Laurinda Frederick

Company: Polsinelli, PC

Title: Real Estate Attorney

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • University of Denver, Sturm College of Law, J.D.
  • University of Colorado at Denver, B.S., Business

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 7

CRE Work Experience: I am a transactional real estate attorney helping national, regional, and local clients with their commercial real estate needs, including purchases, sales, and leasing. I also advise clients on Colorado property tax matters to ensure their properties are valued and classified correctly.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? Commercial Real Estate is a fun industry and it is interesting to work with a lot of different moving pieces. Every day brings something new. I knew I wanted to be on the transactional side because it is great to get deals done. And the people in this industry are amazing.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: I led a team through the largest transaction I have ever worked on, and it successfully closed in December 2021.

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: I really enjoy doing pro bono work. I helped train an AI model to recognize and combat online hate speech, did immigration work for families escaping the Taliban, second look interviews for prison inmates qualified for early release, and numerous Denver legal nights involving landlord/tenant law, criminal law, and family matters.

Aspirations & Goals: Travel the world!

Personal Interests: I love to cook, travel, read, play games, swim, and spend time with my boyfriend, family, and friends.

Shane Mahoney

Full Name: Shane Mahoney

Company: Community Banks of Colorado

Title: SVP Commercial Relationship Manager

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • University of Colorado at Boulder, Finance Degree
  • Regis University, MBA 

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 17

CRE Work Experience: I've worked in Business and Commercial lending for Lehman Brothers, Self Employed Broker, Bank of the West, BBVA Compass, Academy Bank and now Community Banks of Colorado (my forever home).

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? I'd been in retail banking and saw Business and Commercial clients were longer term relationships and much more interesting.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: I love my clients that needed more than one try to get approved.  The "story" clients are the ones I get warm fuzzy feelings about.

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: I volunteer with self help groups, school organizations, and CISV, a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding.

Aspirations & Goals: To continue to grow as a person, father, husband, friend and resource for the community.

Personal Interests: Running long distances in obscure places, snowboarding, Baseball and new to Off-Roading in my new Ford Bronco. 

Featured Member Spotlights, posted March 29, 2022

John Comunale

Full Name: John Comunale

Company: Comunale Properties

Title: President

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • I have a BSBA in Real Estate from the University of Denver. 

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 18

CRE Work Experience:

  • I began my career as an investment banker focusing on the hospitality industry, which was a great way to get exposure to the operating side of real estate.  I formed Comunale Properties to originally buy value-add industrial properties, we then shifted to a focusing on developing Class A infill industrial projects.  As we have grown, we've put a big focus on building out a vertically integrated company and now have internal investment, property management, development, and constructions businesses that all work together to execute our projects.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? My dad was a third generation plumbing contractor and started a fire protection business.  I was always around buildings as a kid visiting job sites with my dad.  I guess I was just drawn in by seeing things get built.  

Proudest professional achievement thus far: I recently received the Sherman R. Miller Trailblazer award and that was a really proud moment for me.  Sherm hired and mentored one of my close friends who was one of my early role models in the business.  Additionally, Sherm's son Buzz and I are friends and have worked closely together for a few years so it is definitely special to me.

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: I am the founder and president of the Stephen A. Comunale Jr. Family Cancer Foundation, which my family started to honer my older brother who died of cancer when he was 27.  I am a new member of the NAIOP Colorado board and a former board member of the Colorado Business Development Foundation.

Aspirations & Goals: My goals all revolve around continuing build a really great team.  By continuing to add high quality talent, I think we we can achieve our goal of being the best vertically integrated industrial developer in the markets we operate in.  We don't need to be the biggest, just the best!

Personal Interests: I was a competitive mogul skier until I was 20, now I love skiing and mountain biking with my wife and two kids.


Janessa Biller

Full Name: Janessa Biller

Company: JLL

Title: Vice President

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • Undergraduate and MBA from New York University. 

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 4

CRE Work Experience:

  • Prior to working at JLL, I worked as a consultant at a firm that helped Financial Advisors launch and run their businesses, we helped with all aspects including real estate which is how I got into the industry. Since moving back to Denver in 2018, I've worked exclusively as an office tenant representation broker. 

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? I love the tangible nature of CRE; you can go see offices, you can see what employees are experiencing every day when they come to work, and you really get to help people create a sense of place. 

Proudest professional achievement thus far: Being able to transition back to Colorado and continue to grow my business. 

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: Currently on the board of CREW Denver, running the education committee which does programming in local high schools and colleges to raise awareness around careers in Commercial Real Estate. Also on the board of the Challenge Foundation which helps break the cycle of poverty through education opportunities. 

Aspirations & Goals: I would like to continue to work with great clients who become friends. 

Personal Interests: Hiking, skiing (alpine and cross country), snowshoeing, gardening, paddle boarding, cooking.


Jim Fitzmorris

Full Name: Jim Fitzmorris

Company: JR Engineering

Title: Vice President & Client Manager

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University 1984.

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 33

CRE Work Experience:

  • Project management and engineering design/ surveying for wide range of industrial, retail, office and residential projects. Design of infrastructure, utilities and drainage/ floodplain improvements. 

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? Challenging work to see new and re-development projects get built. Be part of the improvements to create amenities and places of work for communities and residents.  

Proudest professional achievement thus far: 40 years of marriage in 2022 to my amazing and beautiful wife. Being part of raising 5 wonderful now married kids and 8 grandkids so far. 

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: Involved in giving back to the industry through participation investment in several organizations. NAIOP, Jefferson County EDC (past chair), HBA board and council leadership, AC REP, Metro North Chamber. Support and volunteer with Home Builders Foundation. Church small group leader. 

Aspirations & Goals: Continued blessings in my life and the opportunity to continue doing the work I love. More opportunities for traveling and enjoying Colorado. 

Personal Interests: Sporting events, hiking, camping, travel. 


Featured Member Spotlight, posted January 5, 2022

Chris Alcorn

Full Name: Chris Alcorn

Company: Alcorn Construction

Title: President

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • I got my undergraduate degree in architecture and a masters in construction management from Virginia Tech.  

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 24

CRE Work Experience:

  • 5 years at Opus Northwest (Associate Project Manager, Project Manager), 5 Years at Panattoni Construction (Project Manger, Sr. Project Manger, Vice President), 14 years at Alcorn Construction (President).

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? One of my college professors thought that Opus would be a good fit for me, since I had a design and construction background with my undergrad in architecture and masters in construction management and they were a design-build company.  He set me up as their chaperon for career week.  I ended up with an internship in their Bethesda, MD office and loved it.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: I am most proud of the team Amy and I have built and of the fact that we have been named a DBJ Best Place to Work 3 years running, a testament to to our mission to be a great place to work.

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: Our company will help ANYONE interested in learning about construction or real estate.  It's a passion of mine.  We help The Denver School of Science and Technology by having interns and I mentor students for their senior project.  We are an ambassador to McLain HS where we host career days and take them on tours of our jobsites.  I am involved with the NAIOP DL mentor program as a mentor and on the selection committee, I chair the NAIOP Public Policy Committee, and am on the NAIOP board of directors.  Our company financially supports and we volunteer with A Little Help, a nonprofit organization that connects neighbors of all ages to enhance lives and strengthen our communities.

Aspirations & Goals: My professional aspiration is to never stop learning about how we can deliver excellence in everything we do at Alcorn Construction.  That mentality has taken me farther than I ever thought I would go and I am so very grateful.

Personal Interests: I love spending time with my wife Amy and our 4 kids.  We love travel, camping, hiking and skiing together and I love biking, swimming, running, tennis, and soccer.  I am very active in my church.


Beau Breck

Full Name: Beau Breck

Company: Cypress Equity Investments (CEI)

Title: Senior Vice President, Development 

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • University of Colorado (Boulder) - 2007; BA Finance + RE Certificate, Leeds School of Business
  • University of Denver - 2015: MBA, Daniels College of Business

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 12

CRE Work Experience:

  • Western Capital Partners, Analyst Concord Partners, Associate LCP Development, Development Manager Cypress Equity Investments (CEI) - SVP Development, Denver

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? Real estate is a tangible asset class; I enjoy working on something that you can see and touch. I particularly enjoy the creative process of development, making something new or re-imagining and re-investing in something old. Ultimately, real estate development projects are larger than any of the individuals involved, including the developer - it's all about the team. I think the idea that "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" truly applies. 

Proudest professional achievement thus far: In summer of 2021, my former employer (LCP) and our business partners gifted me a new Winston fly rod in acknowledgment of my contributions to a challenging yet successful transaction. 

Aspirations & Goals: To spend my entire career in Colorado, focused on sustainable development of housing and commercial projects that benefit communities and promote responsible growth for our region. 

Personal Interests: Skiing, fly fishing, hiking, rafting, live music, American West history.

 Featured Member Spotlights, posted December 4, 2021

Silas Campbell

Full Name: Silas Campbell

Company: Boyd Patterson Asset Management

Title: Vice President, Asset Management

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • B.S. Business Administration, University of Vermont
  • MS-RECM, University of Denver

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 13

CRE Work Experience:

  • Prior to joining Boyd Waterson’s Denver office, I spent 12 years at the US General Services Administration serving in variety of positions, including Asset Management, Portfolio Management and Business Center Manager for the regional portfolio department. 

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? Buildings are both a necessary and evolving tangible asset class that provide new and different challenges daily. I have always enjoyed the dynamic nature of commercial real estate and the varying different areas related to the industry that come together to make the industry work. 

Proudest professional achievement thus far: I am very proud of the work I was part of well at GSA to modernize the Denver Federal Center. The campus is currently undergoing several building modernizations that will revitalize the campus and allow the agency’s that work their to better carry out heir work. The GSA team dedicated to modernizing that campus was a really special group of individuals. I am excited to see the results of the campus’ change in the coming years and its impact on surrounding area.

Aspirations & Goals: I strive to be more involved in the real estate community to build relationships, exchange ideas and elevate BWAM's market presence as a quality government contractor for partners. 

Personal Interests: Having moved to Colorado after college to spend more time in the great outdoors, I enjoy sharing all the outdoor activities and adventures of skiing, biking and camping with my two boys.

 Bradley Segall






Full Name: Bradley Segall

Company:  Denison Parking Inc.

Title:  Market General Manager

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • Bachelors of Arts, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • MBA, University of Colorado at Boulder

NAIOP involvement:

  • Programs Committee Volunteer

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 10

CRE Work Experience:

  • Capital markets investment brokerage, Asset Management, Acquisitions, Commercial Lending, Debt Brokerage including government agency and life insurance company lending, and parking management/consulting and business development. 

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? I was lucky to be motivated by Buz Koelbel and then Sherm Miller to start exploring the industry over a decade ago. I started to realize how commercial real estate was such an intersection of so many areas of business that I was interested in. I became fascinated with how living and breathing commercial assets could intersect so many areas of our economy both at a micro and macro level, and wanted to be a part of its growth. CRE is such a people business in every way and I realized what an incredible community there was to work with within Metro Denver. Once I found a few areas to focus on, I was hooked. 

Proudest professional achievement thus far: At home, it's my two kids.  At work, it's the relationships that I have made, no doubt. I am extremely fortunate and proud of the wonderful people that I have met and worked with along the way. I would not be anywhere without them, personally and professionally, and only hope to continue to give back to others the same way.  In a way, achievements can only be statistics or a source of pride when you think about those that helped you get there. 

Aspirations/Goals: I recently took on a role to expand Denison Parking, a national management and consulting firm,  throughout Colorado.  I hope to continue to grow our reach in this market and ultimately show our clients the significant amount of value that our platform can bring to a wide variety of projects and commercial asset classes. 

Personal Interests: Golf, Vail, Football Saturday's, Lake Michigan and chasing after my 4 and 7-year old boys.

Buzz Miller

Full Name: Buzz Miller

Company:  Stream Realty Partners

Title:  Senior Associate

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • B.A. in Economics and Geology from University of Colorado at Boulder

NAIOP involvement:

  • Engagement & Communications and Developing Leaders Committee Volunteer

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 6

CRE Work Experience:

  • Associate at Brue Baukol Capital Partners
  • Senior Associate at Comunale Properties
  • Senior Associate at Stream Realty Partners

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? Buzz grew up around real estate and curiosity from an early age evolved into a passion for the industry. Ultimately, he was drawn to a role that allows him to use previous knowledge, experience and a unique ownership perspective that adds depth to his ability to solve problems and service clients.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: A growing list of clients who have been treated the right way.

Aspirations/Goals: To build more relationships in the industry and help my team at Stream continue to grow our presence in the Rocky Mountain Region. 

Community Outreach/Volunteerism: Raising money for prostate cancer awareness and research and past involvement with open adoption agencies in Colorado.

Personal Interests: Fly fishing, golfing, skiing, camping, scuba diving.

 Marisa Mendenhall

Full Name: Marisa Mendenhall

Company:  BLUME

Title:  Growth Strategist

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • B.S. Physiology From The University of Arizona

NAIOP involvement:

  • Engagement & Communications and Developing Leaders Committee Volunteer

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 5

CRE Work Experience:

  • My role at View has required me to understand real estate trends, development of pro formas, tenant needs, lease rates and building trades to create a business case for occupant wellness and sustainability through the use of View’s Smart Window technology. 

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? I saw a need to create better spaces for people to work and live and to save energy to protect the planet.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: Jumping headfirst into Denver real estate from a pre-med degree and a completely different state to understand and educate the market on a new technology that tends to resist change. A few wins are included in my achievements!

Aspirations/Goals: I would love to influence the way we evaluate real estate that focuses on the occupants and the planet and to further my knowledge of the ESG space.

Personal Interests: Snowboarding, backcountry snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, equestrian sports and yoga.


CJ Manning

Full Name: CJ Manning

Company:  Prime West

Title:  Vice President of Development

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • University of Colorado – Boulder, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Georgetown University, Master of Science – Real Estate Development (Candidate)

NAIOP involvement:

  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee Co-Chair

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 5

CRE Work Experience:

  • CJ assumes a finance-focused role with the firm; including financial modeling and project budgeting for Prime West development projects. He also oversees the execution of the firm’s development projects alongside Prime West’s internal team and third-party architects, engineers, and general contractors. Previously, CJ served as development manager of a family-owned real estate investment company in Nashville.  

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? My mom worked in the CRE industry for over 20 years so I’ve been interested in commercial real estate my entire life, but I couldn’t decide on a path within the industry that I felt was suitable long-term. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a couple of development opportunities in Nashville that I discovered my passion for real estate and my desire to work in commercial development. 

Proudest professional achievement thus far: Helping others discover their passion. 

Aspirations/Goals: My goals include leading a development firm, and playing a key role in increasing diversity, inclusion, and belonging within the commercial real estate industry by helping to establish pipeline opportunities to access and recruit qualified diverse talent.   

Community Outreach:  CJ is a member of NAIOP Colorado serving as co-chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, and on the Developing Leaders Committee (35 & Under). He is also an active member of the Downtown Denver Partnership serving on the 2021 Awards Jury and the City Build steering committee. CJ is also involved with the CU Real Estate Center serving as a mentor to students of diverse backgrounds.

Personal Interests: Hobbies include spending time with family, traveling, and scuba diving. 

Katie Donahue

Full Name: Katie Donahue, AIA, NCARB, LEED GA

Company:  Handel Architects

Title:  Associate

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • Cornell University: Master of Architecture II Post-Professional
  • University of Colorado Denver: Master of Architecture
  • University of Wisconsin Madison: Bachelor of Business Administration

NAIOP involvement:

  • Programs Committee Volunteer

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 14

CRE Work Experience:

  • Design, construction and coordination of buildings in Denver, NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, Atlanta, and Madison.
  • Work for Handel Architects, Gensler Architects, and Architecture for Humanity/Open Architecture Network.
  • Teaching architecture at Parsons New School of Design in New York and University of Colorado-Denver.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? The buildings all around us are such critical parts of the built environment - they have the subtle power to influence every aspect of the way we live. I became passionate early in my career to seek out opportunities for meaningful place-making and creating buildings that shape our cities in positive ways. 

Proudest professional achievement thus far: 

Receiving the Young Architect of the Year, AIA Colorado 2014 as well as getting to work with a slew of brilliant people on a variety of projects across the country. In addition, becoming an unofficial spokesperson for women in the AEC industry and advocating for young women in school.

Community Outreach:  Katie currently works as thNAIOP Programs Committee, ULI Women's Leadership Initiative, ULI Building Healthy Places, University of Colorado-Denver instructor and Search Committee.

Personal Interests: Dog rescue (we have 2 giant Newfoundlands), art, volleyball, hiking, laughing, making things.

Jeff Goldman

Jeff Goldman Picture

Full Name: Jeff Goldman

Company: Antonoff & Co. Brokerage, Inc.

Title:  Associate Broker

Education/Professional Certifications:

  • B.S. Science, Penn State University

NAIOP involvement:

  • Programs Committee

How many years have you been in commercial real estate? 7

How long have you been a member of NAIOP? 3 Months, Just returned to Denver

CRE Work Experience:

  • Industrial Market background in the 4th largest Industrial Port in the U.S., leasing Industrial Warehouses thru Duke Realty. 
  • Tenant Representation of Land Acquisition and Investment Properties.
  • Retail leasing of National Chains.

What motivated you to get involved in the CRE Industry? Jeff enjoys bringing information to the table for the client and securing the deal.

Proudest professional achievement thus far: Closing an Investment Property in Savannah, Georgia that was built in 1840 and had a rich history.

Aspirations & Goals: Jeff wants to continue to excel in the industry by being active in organizations and committees. 

Personal Interests: Dogs, hiking, and outdoor activities.

Profile Published September 1, 2021.